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Whether you are licensed and have already started or are considering becoming an agent, this information you are about to read matters to your career 

If you found this page, you most likely found some content about our new agent hub and were curious to learn more. You probably realize that the level of agent support, leadership, and mentorship is critical to how much you will earn in the next 12 months, let alone the next 7 days.

Did you know that 80% of those in insurance feel undervalued and unsupported by their agencies? While insurance sales are not for everyone, it’s no wonder so many agents burn out. Having the right resources in place to help agents succeed is a part of turning around this trend. 

Yes, there are agencies that offer a high level of support and training. But more times than not, this unfortunately comes with more control, contracts, and much lower commissions. This is why so many agents can feel out of place in these types of organizations. They aren’t for everyone, but everyone needs support, mentorship, and continual training especially when they’re starting out. Many self-starters do not need to be held by the hand as they are responsible and motivated to self-learn without being told to do so. It is for reasons like this that we have created our agent hub.

The Family First Life Entourage Agency Hub

At FFL Entourage we have an “agent-first” philosophy and can proudly announce that we have what we believe to be one of the best training and resource hubs in the industry. Our agent hub includes hundreds of high quality product and sales training videos, podcasts, content, and more. In addition to our 24/7 support line and various other features (viewable below), we feel we have the best support system in the industry. 

In addition to our Agent Hub, here is a bit more information on Family First Life Entourage

Family First Life Entourage helps individuals and families across the United States with their personal insurance needs ranging from life insurance, mortgage protection, final expense, and annuities. We are currently looking to interview and hire those that match our values and culture for our growing team. Here’s a bit about our agency and how it works:

Work From Anywhere

Our agents are from all over the United States, are usually licensed multi-state, and either exclusively work from home or do a combination of in-person sales and nationwide.

Set Your Own Hours

Our agents set their own hours. We look for agents that identify with our values as this is the most important quality to us. This is whether you’re committed to a full-time career in insurance, have a career that is a perfect fit for part-time insurance such as a real estate agent or teacher, or are a busy parent with plenty of responsibilities.

We Cover Your Licensing Course Expenses For Free

The Family First Life Entourage team for those matching our requirements provides FREE licensing course training for those interested in starting their career with Family First Life! This means you will be able to get your Life Insurance coursework through an accredited course and then will be reimbursed by us.

Top of The Industry Compensation With Vested Renewals

We offer 95% or higher ALP to all agents starting out. This means our agents are motivated to want to stay and don’t feel handcuffed to the company. Your renewals are also vested from day one. We do not require the signing of a contract.

Multi-Carrier Options

When agents are stuck only promoting one carrier they are truly held back from serving their clients best. We feel you should have access to many different carriers. We have nine top-rated carriers giving you more tools to deliver your client the best insurance product(s) for them.


We feel you should be with us because you want to be part of the team and culture of FFL, not because you are locked into a contract

24/7 Agent Support

One thing unique about the FFL Entourage brand is that we have a 24/7 hotline available to all of our agents who are looking for help and assistance. Phones are manned by our top producers to help you grow and succeed. Remember earlier we mentioned 80% of agents feel undervalued. We realize that this limits and sometimes kills potential. Our agent support is second to none.

Fresh Leads

No “bait and switch.” We have a variety of lead vendors we work with and help align agents with a plan to achieve their career and financial goals.

No Fees Refreshingly Straight-Forward

No costs for training. No costs for your back office. No costs for training events or the Annual Convention. Plus Free license training for new agents.

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